Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Environmental Solutions: POPS & Spork

Speakers: Brenda de Luna and Young Environmentalists

                                This mural is now hanging in the Metropolitan Water Museum.

Temecula Library
 30600 Pauba Road, Temecula, CA 92592

 "Social Hour" starts at 6:00 PM.  Pizza will be served
Presentation Time: 6:30 PM
February 9, 2017

Brenda de Luna’s project is inspiring and I am anxious to hear their presentations.
Brenda de Luna wrote:
“Last year began with a competition in which I invited all my 8th graders to make a plastic solution proposal in hopes of being accepted to the Plastic Ocean Pollution Solutions (POPS), teen summit.  This was put on by Algalita Marine Research and took place at the Dana Point Marine Institute.  Our proposal was to begin a recycling program at our school and educate our students about the plastic problem.  We got into POPS and came back energized!  
Not only did we begin a recycling program, before the start of the recycling program we did 2 trash audits for both the middle and high school lunch areas and purchased enough metal travel sporks for the entire school and staff. 

We used the Algalita slide show and our data from the trash audit to educate our students about the plastic problem and we made up pledge cards and asked students to sign them before they received their Spork promising to never bring single use plastic utensils to school anymore.
After presenting to the entire school, we took the collected pledge cards and made a giant mural, 5 1/2 feet long out of the pledge cards.  This mural is now hanging in the Metropolitan Water Museum.

  • This year we are expanding our presentation to the elementary schools in Hemet and challenging them to take up the torch and find their own way to be a solution to the plastic problem.

  • Our HS students are looking into local restaurants and challenging them to go single use plastic and Styrofoam free.  

  • Three of our HS members are now peer advisors for this year's POPS summit and the rest of the club is going to POPS for the first time.

  • Our middle school club did not get into POPS. They attended the Sea of Change youth summit on January 29, 2017.  “

February 13, 2017 - After the Program:

The presentation was great.  The young girls’ performance was above my expectation.  They enjoyed presenting their realistic approach to managing environmental damage from plastic containers and utensils at their school.   

Their introduction to the scope of damages especially to the marine environment was well placed.  They reminded us about how the degradation of plastic would release estrogen to the human food chain.  The common practice of covering the inner surface of metal cans with a thin layer of plastic film, an attempt to reduce the interaction of acidic food with metal surfaces, is not without consequences on our health.  

We all need to encourage other schools to follow Brenda DeLuna's initiatives and create programs similar to her hands-on teaching technique. 

Brenda, thank you sharing your students' achievement with us.

Thank you Margaret Meyncke for arranging this event.  

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sierra Santa margarita Hike: West Side Loop Trail, Joshua Tree National Park

Saturday January 14, 2017, 9:00 A.M. 

Join Gary Marsalone (leader) and Robert Bob Audibert on a 6.5 mile moderately difficult hike in the Black Rock Canyon area of Joshua National Park.   The hike has an elevation gain of with 1000 feet.   Robert will follow the West Side Loop trail (5.1miles) and the Hi-View Nature Trail (1.3 miles).  The hike showcases both the geology and plant life of this beautiful high desert portion of Joshua Tree National Park.

Would you join us on the Hike, bring along 3 liters of water, snacks, and a lunch.  Because of changes in temperature dress in layers and use a good pair of hiking shoes.  We recommend using sun screen and hat. 

Follow highway 10 and take exit for the highway 62.  In Yucca Valley turn south on Joshua Lane and drive 5 miles through a residential area to the Black Rock Ranger Station at 9800 Black Rock Canyon Road, Yucca Valley, California. 92284.  

For further information or making reservation, please email Robert Audibert at hikesie@gmail.com, or call 858-663-1201

The Hike will be canceled if it rains.


The pictures included in this post were provide by Kerri King.  The pictures were taken during the hike.