Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Call for Action: Save Mountain Lions in Temecula Valley Region

One more Mountain Lion was killed on May 5, 2017 on Highway 15 in southern Temecula.  

The Highway 15 area between Temecula and Fallbrook has blocked a natural passage route for wildlife between the eastern and western areas of Cleveland National Forest.  The following photographs show one of the bridges over the Temecula Creek, it is often a dry. It is near the confluence of Temecula Creek, Murrieta Creek and the Santa Margarita River has the following estimated dimensions: East to West width of about 195 feet, length along the highway (north to south) of about 295 feet and the bridge has  a very high ceiling. These estimated dimensions indicate the channel has enough space to allow for a wildlife passage.  

But several factors have restricted its usefulness.  The area under the bridge has become a habitat for the homeless population.  Visibility on both sides of the bridge has been reduced by trees and bushes.   

Managing wildlife passage requires several immediate practical corrections:

1.  Installation of fencing both sides of the highway to guide wildlife to the bridge area;
2. Restriction of public access to the area under the bridge using barrier fencing;
3. Enforcement of prohibition to use the area as a homeless village;
4. Cleanup the trash from the area.

5. Clearance of bushes and trees near the bridge to improve visibility.

The area to the east of Highway 15 is very close to residential area.  Now, fencing the boundary between the residential area (east of Highway 15) and the Golf Course would guide wildlife to seek the lower elevation of the mountainous region to the east of the highway, and the bridge over the Temecula Creek for passage to the foothills to the west.

The proposal to subdivide the Gulf Course will completely remove any hope for the wildlife passage using the present Highway 15 bridge over Temecula Creek.  Before such a subdivision would be granted, a wildlife corridor over the highway 15 further south must be included. The following photo shows an example of a wildlife bridge over Highway 15.

Time for talk is over, it is the time for action. 

Michael Momeni


  1. Apparently there has been another lion killed in this same area on June 14, 2017. This make two lions killed in a 40 day period. This has to end with Caltrans erecting the necessary fencing to direct these cats to a safe undercrossing.

  2. I am happy to be part of the cleanup effort that is happening on June 30. BOOTS ON THE GROUND!


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