Friday, July 21, 2017

Outreach Program: Protection of the Wildlife Habitat

Outreach Program

The following picture shows the area for confluence of Temecula Creek, Murrieta Creek and the Santa Margarita River.  The lower part of the picture shows the location of the Interstate 15 Temecula Creek Bridge. This location is a critical region for the migration of wildlife within the Cleveland National Forest between the Trabuco Range District and the Palomar Range District. 

The Santa Margarita Group iis concerned that unauthorized public use of the confluence is hindering the east/west migration essential for the survival of mountain lions.  This area is identified on the central-lower region of the above picture.

Understanding the significance of this important habitat is crucial to the protection of this important region. 

Pam Nelson organized a visit to this area through outreach to our community on July 16, 2017.  The Santa Margarita Group has been concerned that intrusive land use would allow uncontrolled public access to this area eliminating wildlife migration. 

The following  pictures vividly show the impact of uncontrolled access to this important area.

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